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Lighting equipment

Belcultproject Ltd. is an official distributor of world-known producers of lighting equipment.
We offer theatre and concert lighting, architectural lighting of administrative, public, industrial, sporting and other objects.

We also cooperate with D.T.S. Illuminazione srl. This has been DTS product philosophy for 25 years - to create efficient, robust and reliable products, at accessible prices and for a huge public.
Today DTS offer a production range with 18 product lines and over 400 articles suitable for all uses, from concerts to clubs and from theatres to architectural installations. DTS achieves development through the enhancement of marketing, the commercial sector and technical support. With DTS product are equipped such objects as Minsk-Arena, Puppet Theatre in Mogilev, Public Culture Centre in Brest, concert hall of the  factory “Atlant”.  Soon we plan to install DTS product to the concert hall “Vitebsk”, Sport and Entertainment complex in Molodechno, Amphitheatre in Molodechno and other.

Belcultproject Ltd. cooperates with the company Coemar S.p.a. (Italy) at all the stages of design and installation. Coemar specializes in entertainment, architectural, television lighting and associated products. Three generations of Europeans confirm that this Italian company has always been constant in its traditional quality.
The Torino 2006 opening and closing ceremonies – where Coemar installations stole the show – were a gigantic firework display: the ideal stage for the Castel Goffredo company to show what it could do in terms of professionalism, creativity, innovation and the ability to stun TV viewers around the world. Another outstanding event was the spectacular Ice-skating Grand Gala at the Palavela in 2005, with lighting provided by Coemar.

Our partner, company Vari-Lite, since introducing the modern automated light more than 25 years ago, has produced the most innovative spot and wash luminaires available.. Vari-Lite draw from their years of experience to produce more advanced technologies, higher performance and better tools for expressing creativity. The company is founded on the belief that creative engineering can join with creative lighting to bring a new dimension to any performance or presentation.

Belcultproject Ltd. is an official distributor of Spotlight Srl. products in Belarus and we maintain friendly relationships with its president Augusto Andraghetti. Spotlight’s specialists lend assistance and help to Belcultproject during projecting and installation. 
Italian company Spotlight has been working in the field of professional lighting equipment for theatres, TV studios, entertainment venues, exhibitions and architectural lighting from 1927 and now is a leading manufacturer of such equipment.

Company Griven S.r.l. is as well among our partners who produces a full range of lighting effects, intelligent scanners and many other products for the professional theatre market including Fresnels, profiles and followspots.
Griven also lead the way in the architectural lighting market with a comprehensive range of quality, high reliability and fully weatherproofed products: from the most powerful exterior colour changers to the renowned single and multi beam sky projectors.

Belcultproject Ltd. is a distributor of MA Lighting International GmbH products. Since its foundation in 1983, MA Lighting has expanded to become one of the internationally leading companies for computer-controlled lighting consoles, networking components and digital dimming systems. The products received several renowned awards and, with their absolute convenience of use and excellent product quality, they meet the highest demands of professional users all over the world.